Thursday, 10 May 2012


I hope all you beautiful readers have been doing well, I certainly have, after numerous revision lunches, sleepless nights and painstaking library sessions, I can finally say that I've finished uni for Summer! I've been celebrating deadline day by eating the best Eggs Benedict I'd ever had in Sugar Junction, watching repeats of Grimes and Lone's Boiler Room sets (I'm FINALLY going to catch her live tonight, talk about girl crush), getting a new piercing and reading this; cue over-emotional sobbing all around the flat :( Apart from that, I've been customizing everything with Nirvana patches and trying not to cry over the fact that Death Grips have cancelled their tour whilst falling in love with Meredith Lyon's debut collection, whatever, you win some you lose some! I have to work tonight and tomorrow so come Saturday I'm totally going to be in need of a Caprihina or ten when I'm off to see the Jarmans!
Speaking of which, I had a lovely little email in my inbox informing me that I won tickets to this too (OMG #Cribsforummassive), which is going to be streamed live on the Jack Daniels website if you can't make it to the show, which is pretty bloody good if you ask me- so basically, twice in five days? Why the hell not! Also, I don't even need to say how fabulous ITBOTBB is, just don't even go there. Now that I have no educational stresses in the world, I'm going to finally watch Donnie Darko, eat Chinese food with my flatmates and listen obsessively to everything I can find by Alt-J- oh, and I'll have a Vice-related post and a Tribes review up for your very eyes before the weekend is over, good luck with all your deadlines boys and girrrls! X

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