Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Review // Bleeding Knees Club- 'Nothing To Do'

Afternoon! This morning I finally attended my #digijourno (don't ask...) class after three weeks of constantly granting myself lie-ins, smashed it, left forty minutes early and wrote the review below. I've been a fan of Bleeding Knees Club for a while now so checked out their debut 'Nothing To Do' and, although I never usually publish pieces on here that don't go live on other sites, I'm currently tired, creative and just want to let some thoughts out, so, divirta-se! (Oh yeah, just casually practicing my Portugese COS I'M GOING TO THIS GUYS. Fuckoff Mumford & Sons.) x
Bleeding Knees Club- 'Nothing To Do' (iamsound/ Columbia Records)
The term ‘surf-pop’ can either make you wince in pain or writher with pleasure. Sure, the genre has been done to the death by bands like Wavves, Japandroids and No Age, but don’t let that tarnish the whole influx of this ‘stoner’ breed alone. Bleeding Knees Club, made up of Alex Wall and Jordan Malane via the sweet sunshine of the Australian Gold Cost, present the world with their debut full-length ‘Nothing To Do’, after working on Summer album sessions with Dev Hynes- y'know, him- is it enough to set them apart from the pack?
     Having released their ‘Virginity’ EP back in 2010, the compilation included attention-grabbing tracks, ‘Have Fun’ and ‘Bad Guys’, bursting with exuberance, vigor and most importantly, fun. Album opener, ‘Teenage Girls’, is a joyful, care-free mash of aerial yet  vigorous vocals, steam-rolling over jangling guitars’ and amalgamating into a track so punchy, one can’t help but babble along. Next up, ‘Hate Me’ is more ruckus than twee, with lyrics such as ‘This is the time of the night/ When nothing can go quite right’, deliver a safe bet for a trip down easy street, yet are proceeded as all-relatable, nonetheless . ‘Beach Slut’ commences spacey and numbed, with almost soulfully executed whims of ‘I really wish she would stay’, before jolting into what could easily be mistaken for being repeatedly played in Al’s diner from ‘Happy Days’- then hurtling back down to being totally dreamy and full of funk recurrently. ‘Girls Can Do Anything’ has another zoned-out vibe, as multiple, ghostly female vocals weave themselves through the track, creating an almost hypnotic delivery, whilst ‘Problem Child’ reeks of attitude, scuzz and feedback intoxication- all in the best possible way of course. However, it’s not all golden sands and plain sailing throughout for this pair…
 More distracting than anything on the album, when it all boils down to the sheer musicianship, is the essence of that samey, splashing drum/ cymbal fusion, that fails to be delivered in a successfully melodic, or even something fiercer as we initially thought, way. ‘Lipstick’ slows things down with a Liam Lynch-esque (Omg, remember him?!) ‘Well, uh, me and Betty we’re hangin’ out by the beaches’ adamant announcement, paired with conventional streams of ‘oo’s which, frankly, appeals more as ‘one for the girls’, rather than one to draw the fairer sex in come the chorus. Oh and ‘Let It Go’ sounds just like it’s walked its way right into our ears off Harlem’s ‘Hippies’ effort. Sure, Bleeding Knees Club have found their audience and a synthesis that works- fair enough, they want to stick to it- but it somehow just doesn’t justify the excitement of their past releases and, well, sounding better on paper than in practice, it just doesn’t quite live up to its notion.

Words by yours truly

Friday, 24 February 2012

Interview // Loulou Loves You

Don't be worrying guys, I've not abandoned the blogsphere just yet (you can't get rid of me that easily, pssssh!)! I've just been such a busy bee this week. I went along to play Rebel Bingo with my flatmates, FINALLY caught SBTRKT live, fell in love with Jeremy Scott's NYFW show, lost my shit and danced like crazy to Gold Teeth at the Noisey Youtube launch party AND I finally understand the defamation process. Er, WINNING. In between all this, I interviewed Loulou Androlia, a total babe of a redhead based in London, who makes dreamy lingerie and accessories amongst other creative projects. You can read my interview here up on FreedomSpark (If you're reading this Katie, I promise I'll step up my WordPress game!)- expect positive vibes, inspirational words and collections worth lusting over. 
This approaching week is going to be just as manic, so I'm off to detox and drink about a litre of Green Tea whilst listening to this on repeat (Note: I'm obsessed with this EP- it is one of the best releases of last year, so you should all check Vondelpark out. I have been through three copies in three months now, ooops!). Regardless, enough babbling on my part, ciao for now! x
Words by yours truly, Pictures by Joshua Spencer for Loulou Loves you

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Blood Pressures

Did you all have a lovely Valentines? I did! And a nice young chap in Fopp Records gave me this poster (below) out of the sheer goodness of his heart. He must have smelt the singleton pity a mile off as my friend purchased Unknown Pleasures and we spent the majority of the day hungover...regardless, it is beautifully printed, I just need some form of regal frame now, non?
In other news, I feel like squeezing a job around uni can be so stressful sometimes, any money I seem to make goes straight back out my pocket and I just want a weekend off to go home and catch up with friends. Thank god for bursaries', that's all I can say right now. I have a nice little chunk in my bank account and plan on buying these, purchasing Cribs tickets tomorrow AND FINALLY GETTING MY GREEN HAIR BACK! I have several gigs and interviews coming up over the next fortnight for your viewing pleasure, so I'll leave you with my ramblings until then. Oh and safe in the knowledge that I will have to lunge headfirst into this at some point (woe is me) X
Words by yours truly

Monday, 13 February 2012

Review // Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs @ Deaf Institute

This week, I went to watch Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs at Deaf Institute, one of my favourite venues in my (not so new) adopted city. Read my review of the gig here on Hive and stream his new single 'Tapes & Money' here (It's a good'un.). I'm also off to watch Justice tonight (yay!)! x

Words by yours truly

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Interview // The Mushpit

I interviewed Charlotte and Bertie, the brains and beauties behind The Mushpit zine. We talked Avril Lavigne, Ally Mcbeal and, er, twinkles. Read it here / buy a copy here or pop down to Topshop Oxford Rd/ their Valentines Launch party (Londoners).
 P.S. Look how cute their centerfold is!
Top Image c/o The Mushpit Girls

Better late than never // 2011

Finally getting organised, two months late albeit, and archiving all my articles, interviews, photography and the like. Expect ramblings, inappropriate jokes and FUN TIMES. I thought it would be apt to post my favourite pieces and aforementioned photographs from the past year. HELLO 2012 X

All photos by yours truly...