Thursday, 31 May 2012

In Photos // Vice Issue Launch @ Deaf Institute

So, the Vice issue launch last night was hilarious, I drank lots of gin and shouted at a girl for having this as her non-ironic ringtone, with Stay+ and Ghosting Season well and truly knocking it out the park. I also lost my flatmates for about two hours sometime after Midnight and inbetween I took some pictures which you can see below. I'm off to drink a LOT of green tea and recuperate before I head off to Leeds (Well, Wakefield) tomorrow to shoot Johnny Foreigner and The Vaselines (OMFG) and then onto Dot 2 Dot Monday. It's going to be hectic but phenomenal. Enjoy the jubilee and eat a scone on my behalf! X
Words and images by yours truly

Monday, 28 May 2012


If you follow this blog regularly (Sorry, Mum and Dad...) then you'll be aware that I'm part of the Vice Blogging network- and for May, in order to celebrate the launch of the 'It's actually quite weird' issue, Vice are yet again taking a whole host of superb acts and DJ's around the country for a party tour. At my city of Manchester, It's going down this Wednesday with Stay+ live at Deaf and I'll be dancing the night away taking snaps of you all snogging each other and falling over; PARTY ON WAYNE! (I'm definitely using this as my excuse that I deserve a night out after getting a 73% on my law essay, WINNING AT LIFE!) Oh and did I mention, it's free?! The tour for this months issue also features a whole allotment of other acts including Tempa T and Breton playing across eight other cities, so get yourself to one and pick up a copy if you can- not only for the freaky cover below but for the prodigious articles inside too. Here are some of my personal favourites', including 'Inside The Looney Disco' (A moving article about how the patients of a psychiatric hospital in Germany find release.), 'Lemon Party' (Via Vice Style and making me want to get a bath in citrus, thanks heatwave!), 'How To Bore Festival Hippies Into Submission' (OK, so this is from the Vice Festival Guide '12 but is still totally HILARIOUS.) and 'Pretty Girl Bullshit' (A regular column available on the site by Bertie Brandes and quite literally, shows her revoking girl power whilst answering numerous questions about the fairer sex, fabulous daaaaahling!). See y'all Wednesday! X
Words by yours truly / Image c/o Vice

Friday, 25 May 2012

In Photos // Japandroids @ Soup Kitchen

Remember I said I was going to see Japandroids on Wednesday? Well, I did and it was totally off the scale RAD- if you're lucky enough to catch them on this tour, don't miss it! Oh and Cadence Weapon supported which was also cool and included Kuhrye-oo providing the beats and sampling Eight. I missed the encore as I had to rush across Northern Quarter to get to work on time but here are some pictures from the gig on FS and below, now, stop sitting inside, pre-order their new album Celebration Rock and get in the sunshine, HOLLLAAAAAAAA X
Words and images by yours truly

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Review // Grimes @ Islington Mill

I'm finally shooting Japandroids tonight after three years of waiting for them to come back to the UK- I'm so excited I might burst. The gig is happening in an underground basement at Soup Kitchen to make the whole thing even more amazing, so, I'm going to spend today's heatwave eating a million ice pops and sitting in Piccadilly Gardens dressed like a goth. Oh yeah, and remember I went to watch my total girl crush Grimes? You can read my review here which is now up on Hive, TA-RA! X

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Freedom Spark Playlist // May

Wow, May has been a long one, has it not?! I'm SOoOo excited to go home for Summer so that I can do nothing 24/7 and when I do move it will only be to attend a stupendous amount of festivals; I imagine you are all feeling the same! This past week, I've been to Wakefield for a Jarman reunion (IS THIS ALL I DO?! AM I A STALKER?! Responses on a postcard please.) with one of my fave bros in the whole wide world (shout-out to JD for supplying us with drinks/ tees) whilst gaining as many shifts as possible in Fac. Oh, what you didn't know I worked at Fac251?! SHAME ON YOU! Last night, I got paid to watch Peter Hook & The Light perform Still in FULL and it was beautiful, so beautiful that I almost vommed whilst working on bottle bar, but that is another story... Also, I'm excited to be working at both Long Division and  Dot 2 Dot Festival again, this years line-ups includes the likes of Bondax, The Men, Peace and Shinies who are also, totally coincidentally, on my new Freedom Spark playlist for this month which y'all can enjoy  HERE (it was 50% revision/ 50% partying, so, like, embrace it). Regardless, I hope you have all been doing fabulous at exams- SENDING YOU ALL MAJOR GOOD LUCK VIBES X

Monday, 14 May 2012

Features // Now Wave & Tribes

 I had the best Saturday dancing to Baby Don't Sweat and drinking B-52's in the sunshine with some total babes followed by a fantastic afterparty at MOHO where Ross winked at me (FANGIRL) and they played Weezer and Bikini Kill. Oh and I'm pretty sure I danced on a sofa at one point to Good Charlotte (Don't ask...), still I'm such an idiot I managed to lose my brand new fancy phone that I've had for all of THREE DAYS, whatever, worse things have happened I suppose. In other news, I leave the city in a month for Summer :( so here is an article I wrote about the fantastic dudes of Manchester's Now Wave, they are the absolute best promoters I've ever come across, putting gigs on in disused bunkers, converted mills and even The Ritz when they're feeling glitzy, so check it out and treat yourselves to some tickets (or just sell me a Japandroids, seriously...)!
Also, my Tribes review is now up here on Hive, I had to leave out the post-gig details about doing rounds of Jamesons and climbing on Dan's back within ten minutes of meeting them, its all fun and games! I'm going to beat the Monday blues by doing lunch at Soup Kitchen and then watching the MCFC parade, enjoy your post-weekend epiphanies! X
Words by yours truly / Image c/o Now Wave

Thursday, 10 May 2012


I hope all you beautiful readers have been doing well, I certainly have, after numerous revision lunches, sleepless nights and painstaking library sessions, I can finally say that I've finished uni for Summer! I've been celebrating deadline day by eating the best Eggs Benedict I'd ever had in Sugar Junction, watching repeats of Grimes and Lone's Boiler Room sets (I'm FINALLY going to catch her live tonight, talk about girl crush), getting a new piercing and reading this; cue over-emotional sobbing all around the flat :( Apart from that, I've been customizing everything with Nirvana patches and trying not to cry over the fact that Death Grips have cancelled their tour whilst falling in love with Meredith Lyon's debut collection, whatever, you win some you lose some! I have to work tonight and tomorrow so come Saturday I'm totally going to be in need of a Caprihina or ten when I'm off to see the Jarmans!
Speaking of which, I had a lovely little email in my inbox informing me that I won tickets to this too (OMG #Cribsforummassive), which is going to be streamed live on the Jack Daniels website if you can't make it to the show, which is pretty bloody good if you ask me- so basically, twice in five days? Why the hell not! Also, I don't even need to say how fabulous ITBOTBB is, just don't even go there. Now that I have no educational stresses in the world, I'm going to finally watch Donnie Darko, eat Chinese food with my flatmates and listen obsessively to everything I can find by Alt-J- oh, and I'll have a Vice-related post and a Tribes review up for your very eyes before the weekend is over, good luck with all your deadlines boys and girrrls! X