Monday, 14 May 2012

Features // Now Wave & Tribes

 I had the best Saturday dancing to Baby Don't Sweat and drinking B-52's in the sunshine with some total babes followed by a fantastic afterparty at MOHO where Ross winked at me (FANGIRL) and they played Weezer and Bikini Kill. Oh and I'm pretty sure I danced on a sofa at one point to Good Charlotte (Don't ask...), still I'm such an idiot I managed to lose my brand new fancy phone that I've had for all of THREE DAYS, whatever, worse things have happened I suppose. In other news, I leave the city in a month for Summer :( so here is an article I wrote about the fantastic dudes of Manchester's Now Wave, they are the absolute best promoters I've ever come across, putting gigs on in disused bunkers, converted mills and even The Ritz when they're feeling glitzy, so check it out and treat yourselves to some tickets (or just sell me a Japandroids, seriously...)!
Also, my Tribes review is now up here on Hive, I had to leave out the post-gig details about doing rounds of Jamesons and climbing on Dan's back within ten minutes of meeting them, its all fun and games! I'm going to beat the Monday blues by doing lunch at Soup Kitchen and then watching the MCFC parade, enjoy your post-weekend epiphanies! X
Words by yours truly / Image c/o Now Wave

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