Saturday, 29 December 2012

Albums of 2012

It's almost 2013, which means that every writers inevitable 'end of' lists will be spamming left, right and centre; mine being no exception. You can read part one here, part two here and my final top five here- it was a ridiculously close call but ultimately  hats off to Tom Krell for making one of the most beautiful, spine-tingling records of the past twelve months, 'Total Loss', you are a work of art. Adios FS playlists, we had a great run! See y'all in 2013, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a fucking great one already.
Words by Yours Truly X

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Feature // Manchester Reborn #2

Hello! My second column as Artrocker Magazine's Manchester reporter is now live here! I talk about Antwerp Mansion, how WuTang's GZA popped in and other amazing events that the people behind the project put on. Apart from that I've been in deadline hell and spending way too much time in South but more articles (Including my ~records of 2012~ list) coming soon, I promise! Oh and another thing; some fabulous friends of mine and other university students are curating and partaking in an art & design exhibition this Thursday (aka tomorrow!), showcasing numerous photography, graphics and other works over at the Bench Gallery in Northern Quarter- it's going to be fun, free and you can come along too if you just join this group to be on the guestlist. There is going to be booze, tunes, films and beautiful work to see all evening from 6pm-9pm, so come play out whilst I swoon over pieces and take your party pictures! 
Words by Yours Truly X

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Interview // Chad Valley

Newsday number 1; IN THE BAG! I celebrated early by going to Resident Advisor X WHP on Saturday (It was my last one of the year, pass the tissues :'( ), I had a rad time meeting the three up- for-a-rave Irish chaps we found in Room 1 during Apparat and a group of wonderful new Manchester faces' of whom made me feel very welcome indeed, never feeling so happy as I did during 90% of Orbital's set and bouncing off the walls on my own to Julio Bashmore! I also did philly cheese steaks and mulled cider with FreedomSpark Katie and went to see Passion Pit with my lovely Jadey who came to the city for the evening earlier on in the month; we swooned, caught up on life by being overly girly and drank too many pints before I had to go to work, ooops! But I did manage to Interview the  terrific Hugo Manuel of Chad Valley who also played. We talked "A&R vultures" and their attempts to wine and dine him along with one crazy night in Paris; it was great to speak to the man behind the falsetto as 'Equatorial Ultravox' is definitely up there in my fave EP's of 2011. Anyway, it's all over on Noisey here, ch-ch-ch-check it out!
Words by Yours Truly X