Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Review // PEACE @Soup Kitchen

Peace have had a flourishing 2012, the facts say it clearly; what with signing to Columbia Records, forcing said label to purchase them a billboard in their home city and the release of their luxurious 'Delicous' EP, it was superb to finally catch them live and reunite with old colleagues at their sold-out Soup Kitchen gig. We ventured to Chinatown with the boys and their chums afterwards for awkward Karaoke resulting in Bonnie and I asking if we could sing Mario (the owners said no :( ) and gins all round. My review is live here - and remember guys #freeterry...
Words by Yours Truly X

Monday, 29 October 2012

Interview // Ted's Draws

Apologies for not posting in a while! I've been attending way too many gigs and spending dollar I don't have as per usual but fear not- I've been having a rad time whilst doing so! Ape @ WHP was uh-may-zing with Koala Kid's gifts of kazoos, Zane Lowe getting the horns going, Sub Focus's stage set-up looking like something taken from Star Wars, DOOM having the most creepy visuals of all time, forcing everyone to do the squirrel dance and shouting "Factory top floor!" when bouncing into room three. Inbetween following various bands around the country and an impromptu trip back home for the night, I interviewed t-shirt designer Ted Pearce about his cult illustrations, why "school is for losers" and his collaboration with Adidas this Summer. The whole thing is over on Don't Panic now- check it out!
Words by Yours Truly X

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Freedom Spark Playlist // October

October's (belated) playlist for Freedom Spark is now up! I got a bit carried away and so there is seven songs this month (including, Death Grips, Kwes, Dan Deacon, Shigeto, Shinies, Swim Deep & How To Dress Well) of which are all corkers- enjoy! Speaking of which, Kwes whom I also included, is playing WHP tonight and, like, guess who is going?! Seriously, how fucking AMAZING is this line-up?! I think a sweaty rave in Room two whilst gidd-ily dancing to Pariah with some fantastic faces new and old sounds like a perfect Saturday to me! I'm off to drink all the Beechams in the flat in order to get on top form seeing as illness is well and truly still striking :( Have a rad weekend! Like I said in my last post, interviews' arriving soon!

Words by Yours Truly X