Saturday, 6 October 2012

Freedom Spark Playlist // October

October's (belated) playlist for Freedom Spark is now up! I got a bit carried away and so there is seven songs this month (including, Death Grips, Kwes, Dan Deacon, Shigeto, Shinies, Swim Deep & How To Dress Well) of which are all corkers- enjoy! Speaking of which, Kwes whom I also included, is playing WHP tonight and, like, guess who is going?! Seriously, how fucking AMAZING is this line-up?! I think a sweaty rave in Room two whilst gidd-ily dancing to Pariah with some fantastic faces new and old sounds like a perfect Saturday to me! I'm off to drink all the Beechams in the flat in order to get on top form seeing as illness is well and truly still striking :( Have a rad weekend! Like I said in my last post, interviews' arriving soon!

Words by Yours Truly X

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