Saturday, 29 September 2012

In Photos // Dan Deacon @ Islington Mill

Don't worry guys, I'm alive- freshers week didn't quite kill me off (although I did gain my second facial injury of the year, UGH)! I've been reuniting with everyone via corndog catch-ups, visits to friends' wonderful new apartments and working even harder, so much so that I swear I'll be glad to finally get back to uni! Also, Wednesday's #VICElaunch for The Weird Science Issue was super fun thanks to Girls on Film playing non-stop Madonna and Prince along with Lil Silva dropping Zomby to a load of confused first-years- oh and shoutout to Bench for the free drinks and giveaways! Last night, I also finally caught Dan Deacon live (Dent May supported too and he even did the infamous tunnel into the streets of Salford ) at one of my favourite venues ever involving Budvar and dance-offs; it was beautiful, no-one rocks a show like this man- some snaps are below! It's bloody good to be back, interviews coming soon!
Words and Images by Yours Truly X

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