Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Feature // Manchester Reborn

Good evening! I'm now a Manchester correspondent for Artrocker Magazine, isn't that nice? For my first feature, I wrote about how the city and more specifically, Salford in its own right (REPRESENT!) is providing itself as the perfect DIY hub for the creatives of Manchester today. I discussed the cult Fuhrer Bunker venue (pictured below) and Sways Records along with mini-reviews of Great Waves and M O N E Y's work- you can read it over here!
Words by Yours Truly / Image c/o Magnus Blikeng  X

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Interview // Fucked Up

I FINALLY treated myself to some r&r after a "few" post-shift staff drinks turned into the inevitable continuation of sharing a bottle of Morgans Spiced, a mass game of musical bumps and drunk Sunday morning breakfasts in Wetherspoons (I don't know either...). I've been hammering deadlines like my life depends on it and it is thankfully beginning to pay-off after gaining a first on my music journo assessment and a mostly-successful news day assessment this morning, yeah buddy! Anyway, enough of my humble brags, I interviewed the gentleman that is Damian Abraham of Fucked Up as we disturbed the bands three-course-dinner to talk Pot Noodles, Kendrick Lamar and why professional WWE wrestlers wouldn't return his emails. The wonderful Harriet accompanied me and bought me gin cocktails and ginger beers, what can I say, she knows your girl well! You can catch it all over here with a few of my shots from their show on Noisey- ciao for now!
Words and Images by Yours Truly X

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Interview // Adam J.Kurtz

Remember when I said November was going to be busy? So far I'm coping (I DON'T KNOW HOW), after infinite coffee-fueled essay sessions, catching Jessie Ware, Two Inch Punch, Lapalux, Flying Lotus, Jamie XX, Fucked Up, Lunice, Koreless and Haim live all in the past two weeks, I still have a lot of shifts to work (being a student sucks, sometimes) and reunions to squeeze in. I say that like it is a bad thing, it totally is not! Around all these (un)necessary outings, I also interviewed Brooklyn based graphics artist Adam J.Kurtz- his work is a hybrid of fun, awkward truths and bursts with relatable topics, you can read the whole thing in its entirety over here
Words by Yours Truly / Image by Adam J.Kurtz X

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Freedom Spark Playlist // November

November, you're here! I've welcomed in the month by eating too much sushi (is there ever such a thing?), visiting a photobooth made famous by Jarvis Cocker, listening to the new Foals track repeatedly and extended cab rides in minus temperatures on bonfire night. This month is going to be quick, exciting, stressful and straight-up peachy continued by a Death Grips and Wet Nuns show tonight! Oh yeah, and my new (second to last ever, SOB) playlist is now up here on Freedom Spark featuring Jai Paul, Danny Brown, Churches, Metz, Holy Other and the return of Chad Valley...
Words by Yours Truly X

Friday, 2 November 2012


The past two months of being back in the city and post-Summer debauchery have been fantastic. Onwards and upwards for deadline season and inevitable Winter snow!
  Images by Yours Truly X