Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Interview // Fucked Up

I FINALLY treated myself to some r&r after a "few" post-shift staff drinks turned into the inevitable continuation of sharing a bottle of Morgans Spiced, a mass game of musical bumps and drunk Sunday morning breakfasts in Wetherspoons (I don't know either...). I've been hammering deadlines like my life depends on it and it is thankfully beginning to pay-off after gaining a first on my music journo assessment and a mostly-successful news day assessment this morning, yeah buddy! Anyway, enough of my humble brags, I interviewed the gentleman that is Damian Abraham of Fucked Up as we disturbed the bands three-course-dinner to talk Pot Noodles, Kendrick Lamar and why professional WWE wrestlers wouldn't return his emails. The wonderful Harriet accompanied me and bought me gin cocktails and ginger beers, what can I say, she knows your girl well! You can catch it all over here with a few of my shots from their show on Noisey- ciao for now!
Words and Images by Yours Truly X

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