Monday, 28 May 2012


If you follow this blog regularly (Sorry, Mum and Dad...) then you'll be aware that I'm part of the Vice Blogging network- and for May, in order to celebrate the launch of the 'It's actually quite weird' issue, Vice are yet again taking a whole host of superb acts and DJ's around the country for a party tour. At my city of Manchester, It's going down this Wednesday with Stay+ live at Deaf and I'll be dancing the night away taking snaps of you all snogging each other and falling over; PARTY ON WAYNE! (I'm definitely using this as my excuse that I deserve a night out after getting a 73% on my law essay, WINNING AT LIFE!) Oh and did I mention, it's free?! The tour for this months issue also features a whole allotment of other acts including Tempa T and Breton playing across eight other cities, so get yourself to one and pick up a copy if you can- not only for the freaky cover below but for the prodigious articles inside too. Here are some of my personal favourites', including 'Inside The Looney Disco' (A moving article about how the patients of a psychiatric hospital in Germany find release.), 'Lemon Party' (Via Vice Style and making me want to get a bath in citrus, thanks heatwave!), 'How To Bore Festival Hippies Into Submission' (OK, so this is from the Vice Festival Guide '12 but is still totally HILARIOUS.) and 'Pretty Girl Bullshit' (A regular column available on the site by Bertie Brandes and quite literally, shows her revoking girl power whilst answering numerous questions about the fairer sex, fabulous daaaaahling!). See y'all Wednesday! X
Words by yours truly / Image c/o Vice

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