Sunday, 20 May 2012

Freedom Spark Playlist // May

Wow, May has been a long one, has it not?! I'm SOoOo excited to go home for Summer so that I can do nothing 24/7 and when I do move it will only be to attend a stupendous amount of festivals; I imagine you are all feeling the same! This past week, I've been to Wakefield for a Jarman reunion (IS THIS ALL I DO?! AM I A STALKER?! Responses on a postcard please.) with one of my fave bros in the whole wide world (shout-out to JD for supplying us with drinks/ tees) whilst gaining as many shifts as possible in Fac. Oh, what you didn't know I worked at Fac251?! SHAME ON YOU! Last night, I got paid to watch Peter Hook & The Light perform Still in FULL and it was beautiful, so beautiful that I almost vommed whilst working on bottle bar, but that is another story... Also, I'm excited to be working at both Long Division and  Dot 2 Dot Festival again, this years line-ups includes the likes of Bondax, The Men, Peace and Shinies who are also, totally coincidentally, on my new Freedom Spark playlist for this month which y'all can enjoy  HERE (it was 50% revision/ 50% partying, so, like, embrace it). Regardless, I hope you have all been doing fabulous at exams- SENDING YOU ALL MAJOR GOOD LUCK VIBES X

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