Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Morning, wait, is it afternoon? Apologies for being scarce on the posting front as of late, I've been KILLING my life with essays (A friend sent me this to 'help me power through', are you for real?!) and general stress thanks to an exam being moved forward two weeks (NICE ONE SALFORD) and my bodyclock is well and truly dying it appears (I say that but as I type this I have a hellish hangover with this on repeat and plan on doing the same tonight, er, my priorities need sorting.). Anywho, apart from that I bought some new Creepers (shout out to Student Finance) so sit tight, I'll have exciting articles and not just ramblings coming your way very soon! Also, see that shiny VICE badge over there > nice, isn't it? I'm part of the Vice blogging network now, so at least someone likes my writing and its nice to even just be recognised by such a prestigious and groundbreaking publication. Here's some snaps of what I've been up to as of late to tide you all over! X
All photos by yours truly 

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