Thursday, 12 April 2012

Interview // Chloe Nørgaard

Bonjour! Are you all spring break-ed out yet? I certainly am! As you know from my last post, I took a trip to the Isle Of Man last weekend- although this resulted in me realising that I am a pathetic excuse for a girl who CANNOT walk in six inch heels (no matter how beautiful they are) upon taking a little tumble and landing myself with a black eye and a completely injured left-side of my face (to put it lightly). Seriously, people either think I'm winking and flirting at them or doing a Katrina Douvoure, not cool! Apart from that though, my weekend mainly consisted of Chinese food, Sex and The City boxsets' and waking up with a seaside view, bliss! Nevertheless, I interviewed the absolute babe that is Chloe Nørgaard (a professional model who could probs teach me a thing or two about female shoe choices...) so check it here!
I'm also going to be collaborating with a few other sites soon which is very exciting AND FreedomSpark are now selling limited edition tote bags with an image I took last summer on them, you can buy them here! X
 Words by yours truly / Image by Jens Stoltze

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