Monday, 2 December 2013

Review // Evian Christ's 'Trance Party' @ Corsica Studios

Last weekend I ventured off to London to catch Evian Christ tear up Corsica Studios for his introductory 'Trance Party'. It was sweaty, fun and there were new faces and old- my review is now live over here on Crack, or you can read the unedited version below...
Evian Christ's 'Trance Party' @ Corsica Studios
London, you never fail to stump me with the unexpected. As a Northern soul in the Big Smoke, I am often pooled in with the relentless incursion of tourists when asking for tube directions, not to mention encompassing a Scouse born-and-bread twang that makes any Cockney I come into contact with recoil in uncommunicative horror, just like I do when it comes to forking out a fiver a pint. Still, there is always a dusting of hidden beacons that summon us in exactly why we put up with the ridiculous congestion and annoyingly quaint wine bars on every corner, from time to time- and South East’s Corsica Studios is one of these glimmers of hope. Hot from lacing Mr. West’s ‘Yeezus’ with his ingenious expertise, Ellesmere-Port-boy-done-good Evian Christ enrolled in the likes of Jam City, Wanda Group and Arca to throw the first in his duo of ‘Trance Parties’, promising to detract away from the genre and coiling it all back to what ‘trance’ actually means.
After several hiccups involving group members falling off the wagon and step-in heroes missioning from the eternity-away zone four, no unforeseen obstacles could cast a cloud once inside the remarkably well-equipped venue.  With a roaring sound system that makes your bones shake as if you’re rolling down a hill implanted within the acoustics, the night’s curator bounced from his earlier status-cementing, hip-hop modified electronica, over to the snarling expletives of ‘I’m In It’ and teases of what we’re to expect for 2014. As hot-off-the-press ‘Salt Carousel’ was released into the web sphere only a day prior, it’s mind-boggling to contemplate the heights he actually has the ability to rocket to. The brutal bass, hyper-speed recitals and unforgiving rave synth slashes that echo as melodically accessible and ballsy, are not only insightful of where Christ is heading but also of the leap he’s made from indie-label bedroom experimentalist to, deservedly, globally-appreciated producer.
As the night plummeted further into the wee hours, developments from alternative guests only crept to more bizarre and delightful ranks. Take Brooklyn’s Alejandro Ghersi, or Arca as his haunting but crazily danceable mononym plays out, of as we enter through various curtains and almost sacrifice shoes to catch a glimpse of, thrives off the dance-floor frenzy he’s fashioned, spinning and gyrating behind the decks just as the hundreds of youngsters surveilling are. Then steps-up Night Slugs eccentric Jam City, following the fabulous care-free ethos that a guilty pleasure shouldn’t be guilty. Streamlining antagonistically throbbing techno with tropical edits of Drake’s ‘Started From The Bottom’ and Ne-Yo’s ‘Sexy Love’, the too-cool-for-school-boys find themselves slinking for the nearest lady that catches their eye and the gaggling drunk girls can’t help but swoon like it’s 2006 all over again. Oh, and any artist that manages to admirably insert ‘How Soon Is Now’ into what is dubbed a trance event causing admirable uproar, is an honourable revelation in our book.

Words by Yours Truly X

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