Monday, 4 November 2013

Review // Curated by Julio Bashmore @ WHP

Last weekend I had a Factory reunion of sorts when Artrocker sent me off to review Julio Bashmore's curated night at Warehouse. Cassius were ludicrously good, Tiraquon bought the 80s vibes and Bashmore, well, read it over here or below to see for yourselves...
Curated by Julio Bashmore @ WHP
As a reoccurring invitation to the individuals and groups that ignite movers and shakers, the coordinators behind Warehouse Project invite a range of music makers to take the reins in curating line-ups themselves, annually. Spanning rockers such as Bloc Party and The Kills, over to new generation blood such as Disclosure or Teed and- on this occasion- Broardwalk boss Julio Bashmore, WHP aren't afraid to shake it up, nor go with the flow when necessary. With a combination of internationally respected and cemented UK producers, along with a gargantuan headline set from Julio himself, these curated nights are undoubtedly where you’ll find the most diverse melting pots. 
One of our favourite galactic-funksters, Space Dimension Controller, was first on the horizon to fill up the dance floor in room two. Despite the fact that we couldn't help but constantly wonder why SDC had been booked to DJ rather than partake in a live set of his own intergalactic workings, he still managed to bring the care-free attitude and evocativeness of past decades to the ever-accumulating, if slightly bedazzled, ravers. Batting out 80s classics including Midnight Star’s ‘Midas Touch’ beside Colonel Abrams offbeat release ‘Trapped’, anthem after anthem whether instantly recognisable or not, ensured that everybody in sight fell victim to the groove… and it hadn't even struck ten o’clock yet. 
 As we weaved through each room eager to catch a deluge of sets, it was indisputable that each person booked behind the decks here tonight was restless in not just playing out what would simply be probable within a conventional club night, as experimentation is welcomed and applauded in a location that branches out from conformity. 
Take Motor City Drum Ensemble on initiating a wave of house for the night, thanks to Norma Jean Bell’s sassy ‘I’m The Baddest Bitch ’, whereas Breach dipped his toe into modern waters, manipulating Midland’s ‘Trace’ into a deep and stabbing vibration to fast forward the momentum. As our expectations were already now ever ascending thanks to a marvelous introduction, the crown and glory for the night unquestionably belonged to French originators Cassius. Blending in a fusion of their unconditional prototypes including the infectious ‘Feeling For You’, together with an amazing input of Green Velvet’s ‘Bigger Than Prince’, it is apparent that a superior act is that for a reason- it’s just a shame that what goes up must come down.
 In light of Bashmore’s earlier Boiler Room session remaining outrageously over-crowded throughout, we opted for the main man under the spotlight’s early morning set, to really see if there was more to the media than just a ‘Summer hit turned football chant’. As far as his personal productions go, the only noticeably enthusiastic reception was evident for- you guessed it- ‘Au Seve’ and it was easily blatant that, despite his observable production talents, as a live artist Julio is dissatisfying on a number of levels. Over-running tracks long after their surges peak and the audience has lost interest, as well as noticeably poor mixing, even Joy O’s ‘BRTHDTT’ panned across the room as if it fell on deaf ears and Lil Louis Chicago classic ‘I’m hot for you’, echoed overhead an array of confused faces. With all the factors for triumph at hand without prosperous execution, tonight Bashmore delivers to be tarred as incapable of executing his work, at a rank of which many of his peers surpass at leaving nothing but a bitter taste in our mouths…

Words by Yours Truly / Images by WHP (via here) X

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