Friday, 14 June 2013

Interview // Bonobo

Remember when I said I had a super special interview in the pipeline? Well, I was lucky enough to interview a hero of mine Simon Green AKA Bonobo on his Spring North Borders tour in Manchester a few weeks ago. The interview is now live on Noisey over here, in conjunction with You Need To Hear This and Philips. He showed me around his crazy tour bus and sipped coffee whilst we talked about working with Grammy award-winners and why Disclosure may just be the next Gallagher Brothers'...
In my little world I am now officially packed up and back home for Summer out of the city, it is already wonderful, stressful and I feel like a lost little lamb; my escapades from my last weekend in the form of my Parklife review for Crack will be coming next week, too, so sit tight. I've also entered the twenty-first century and finally joined Instagram albeit nine million years later than everyone else in the history of the world. You can give me a follow by clicking that little icon to the right >, you know you want to...
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