Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Interview // Idiot's Pasture

You may have noticed that a few weeks ago, the boring piece of text that used to head this blog up top ^ has now been replaced with a creepily rad logo- yes, my very own logo! Designed by the terrific Idiot's Pasture, a Yorkshire-based illustrator who has worked with the likes of Hookworms, Slowcoaches and even designed some ace posters for Hyde Park Picture House screenings, I caught up with the man behind the guise to talk about his inspirations, how art is often too high-brown and Justin Bieber-inspired artworks. You can read the interview over at Spindle Magazine here (HEY SPINDLE! Thanks for having me!) who I'll hopefully be contributing to a lot more in the future, so go check those wonderful new gems out!
In a more I-don't-think-anyone-really-cares-but-I'm-gonna-tell-you-all-anyway bulletin, I celebrated passing my first year of uni (I got a 1:1 in my law module, NO BIG DEAL!1!1!) by eating more space cakes than I should have, being convinced to watch Boogie Nights (A film I learnt that NO-ONE SHOULD EVER WATCH. EVER.) and thinking that my body, along with its unhealthy fondness of cookie dough and menthol cigarettes, could handle a run my 16-year-old self would've laughed at. I was wrong. OH and I literally just finished watching the whole first series of HBO's 'Girls' in one sitting. ONE SITTING. Don't even judge me, I have no words (Except, what the hell was that finale apart from pretty fucking weird?!), it is basically my generation's SATC and Lena Dunham, you are a cinematic power. I'm going to spend the rest of my Tuesday hiding from this biblical downpour by prepping for interviews later this week and listening to the new Purity Ring record that the babes of 4AD just hooked me up with- enjoy your Great British Summer, even if it is raining, its not like you're Andy Murray... X
Words by yours truly / Image c/o Idiot's Pasture

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