Thursday, 29 March 2012

Interview // Lazy Oaf

Evening! I hope you've all been out getting fabulous tans this week in the lovely Sunshine- I've been cramming in park lunches and BBQ's whilst working my socks off for a deadline tomorrow! But, now that I'm all wrapped up thanks to a serious hibernation session, I have a chance to share the interview I did with Jerry of Fashion House, Lazy Oaf. You can read it here! I want basically 90% of their clothes and accessories (both male and female ranges, weird?) so it was great to get an insight into the workings of the company.
In other news, myself and my editor are off to see Drake (OMG YOU GUYS!) on Sunday thanks to the total babes at Island Records hooking us up AND I get to catch OFWGKTA for a second time on Saturday. Dear bank balance, I am sorry in advance. Have a nice weekend everybody! X
Words by yours truly and images c/o "BH" (Name omitted at photographers request)

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