Monday, 28 October 2013

Feature // 55DSL - 'Once Upon A Time In Italy'

55DSL- 'Once Upon A Time In Italy'
One of the most prominent fashion visionaries in the world, Diesel, have recently released the third installment from their ‘Kids In Italia’ flagship series, in association with Vice and Forever Pictures. Directed by rising duo Charlie & Joe, who can also reel-off clients such as Toddla T, SBTRKT and Topshop, ‘Once Upon A Time In Italy’ tells the story of artistic adolescence alive at the heart of Italy but of individuals whom feel lost and almost defeated, when it comes to mapping out their futures. Amidst all their challenges, our Italiano's conjure up the character of Carlo as their projected anti-hero, finding success despite the obstacles that twenty-somethings’ face in a true ‘Eureka!’ moment, inspiring watchers to take control- both metaphorically through their created character and by the excitement amplified from casted roles.
 “55DSL's film series, 'Kids In Italia' has always been about giving brilliant, talented young creatives a global platform to share their vision.”, founder Andrea Rosse told us. “When I talk to young people who live in Italy, they are disillusioned about the lack of opportunities here, especially for creative types -and I felt the same way when I was their age. It is important to me to communicate that it is up to the next generation of creative talents to think outside the box and to establish their own opportunities here, instead of moving abroad” he continued on, passionate in promoting a brand that is urban and free-thinking, for the active DIY youth of today.
For more information and to watch the other previous installments in the series (and to get your hands on 55DSL's new A/W collection, of course), head over to their website here.

Words by Yours Truly / Image c/o 55DSL, Vice and Forever Pictures X

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