Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Review // Long Division Festival

 On Saturday, I covered Long Division Festival in Wakefield for the second year running, complete with a  wonderful, humble team and great talent playing in differentiating venues all over the shop. We missed Johnny Foreigner on Friday as I had important friend duties to fulfill (such as providing snacks, goodies and haircut services) but The Vaselines (We met Frances Mckee in the green room of a Western-themed cocktail bar and babbled to her about posing for photographs and she was wearing clogs, too cute.), Art  Brut and obviously Clandestines were definite highlights of the event. Below are some snaps, enjoy!
  That bouncer was THE MAN ^ his name was Lee and we spent about half an hour chatting absolute rubbish to him about various films and the weird customers he gets who think line-dancing is acceptable. Apart from travelling the North and seeing way too many Union Jacks', I've also been obsessing over the new Crocodiles record 'Endless Flowers', constantly google image searching Haim and contemplating the fact that my uni halls now only contain myself and about six foreign exchange students, oh life! ALSO, in bigbigbig news, me and Katie are DJ'ing at this at the end of the month (I could've sworn I'd mentioned it on here before but evidently not?) so come and watch us play some tunes and wear home-made headdresses whilst we think we are the next generation of Queens of Noize. My Dot 2 Dot post should be up soon too, so keep your eyes peeled! 
   Words and images by yours truly X

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